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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Solving Intractable Problems in a Polarized Society

Snapshot of Our Present Political Landscape

At this time in our history, America is considered a






Tea Party in the House

Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party commands much power and attention, especially after 2010, when Republicans gained 68 seats and control of the House and added six Senate seats. Prognosticators believe Republicans are likely to win control of the Senate in 2012, and possibly regain the White House.

Our love of having the first black president in history has been overshadowed by our dissatisfaction with his job performance.

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Canaries in the Coal Mine

Our canaries, independents, continue to be center-right on most issues, and very unhappy with government spending and the Democrat and Obama’s handling of the economy. While Obama’s job approval rating is now 47% approve, 49% disapprove, an astonishing 51% of independents strongly disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy.

Democrat Glimmer of Hope

On the other hand, Democrats have found a glimmer of hope. Senator Paul Ryan’s "Roadmap" Medicare plan is unpopular with Americans, and the Republicans have signed on to it.

Senator Paul Ryan
Republican Representative Jane Corwin’s support of the Ryan plan led in part to her 2011 special election loss for the New York 26th congressional district House seat, long-held by Republicans. The loss was stunning in that Corwin was leading comfortably weeks before the election, until Democrat challenger, and now new congresswoman, Kathy Hochul, started to hammer Corwin for her support of the Medicare part of the Ryan Plan.

Democrats feel they’ve found a winning issue. Some of them are daring to dream of re-gaining the House, and perhaps retaining the Senate.

Third Rail

The fact is, Medicare, like Social Security, is a third rail for politicians. It’s hot and deadly. Independents, Democrats, and even Republicans like their Medicare, and don’t want anyone messin’ around with it.


Medicare illustrates my central thesis of this post. Medicare was created in 1965 by The Great Society’s Lyndon Johnson. Eighty percent of Medicare is a government run program, and the rest is handled in various ways privately. Of course, it is highly regulated.

Personally, as a conservative, I don’t mind this percentage of government and private control for a healthcare program, as it seems to work reasonably well. Except, of course, that as we all age, the program will go bankrupt.

So, it must be reformed.

How to Reform Medicare

My conservative reforms would include means testing, raising the age requirements, and so on. Liberal “reforms” would include raising taxes on “the rich” and business to pay for increasing costs.

In my opinion, my solution would help the economy. The liberal reforms would further impoverish the country.

But, all this doesn’t matter. Nobody wants my kind of reforms, and the hard right will not accept the liberal reforms.

Obstacles to Medicare Reform

Liberals Hate the Rich, and Business

If liberals could just accept raising taxes a bit on “the rich” and let business off the hook, I could have more sympathy for their Medicare plans. But, they won’t. They hate the rich and business, and will never rest until America is a country with equal wages for all.

Every person would take their hard-won daily fifty cents and buy a loaf of government bread and a stick of butter, then go to their glorious healthcare shack to wait in line for their cancer cure by their top-notch medical team, Larry, Curly, and Moe, and salute the next leader like any good communist Cuban.

The Three Stooges: Larry, Nurse, Curly, Moe
Even Castro has admitted that his socialism did not work for his people, but our leftists still worship him as the ideal, another tyrant who uses guns to seize property from the “evil rich” and business.

The Hard-Right Hates Big Government, and Loves Survival-of-the-Fittest

My problem with the right is the opposite. According to their present world view, anything that smacks of being a government program is automatically an evil thing.

I’ve got news for them. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are all big government programs. As well as the Department of Defense, SBIR programs, research grants, you name it. All these have worked relatively well. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security have served us as a nation, but will now have problems due to the coming population bulge of the elderly. So, again, they must be reformed.

The radical hardcore right will take me up on this challenge, and say “You’re darn right. But don’t reform them. Get rid of them.


We don’t need ‘em.” (As Scrooge said, “Are there no workhouses?") Let’s just abolish these big government entitlements, and go to a pure survival of the fittest.

That’s why I can never be a Libertarian, and don’t endorse Libertarians Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or even Larry Elder (an otherwise wonderful and wise man), anymore than I can approve of socialists Dennis Kucinich or Bernie Sanders.

In a Nutshell

The far left wants to steal every gulden from the “rich," and from “evil business,” reducing us all to grubs and turnip roots; and the far right actually does want to toss Grandma out into the street, and off a cliff. These are not exaggerations.

Eighty percent of Americans like their Medicare, the way it is. Regardless of which party, regardless of any hard-coriness.

It has worked. Part big government, and part private enterprise, it crosses the hard-core lines.

Can it be fixed?

Only if folks give up their irrationalities.

Have a wonderful day!

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Charles @ImperatorBellum Lominec said...

Well said. However, I am convinced that the real problem isn’t one political philosophy vs another. If it were, the debate in the marketplace of ideas would come to the appropriate solution. I think the problem is more a political class who has become accustomed to the perks, power, and prestige of political office. Their goals are not to solve problems, but to stay in power. That’s why we’re in the state we’re in. None of our problems will be solved as long as re-election is prioritized over solving problems.

Rock said...

Thanks much, Charles, for your comment. I happen to agree with you 100%, aside from my main points in the post.

Politicians wanting to stay in power is a huge problem. I wonder how many freshmen go into that office wanting to be "good" and remain working for the people, but then get seduced by power and staying in office?

Thanks for your insights!

zongrik said...

There are three basic big problems:

1) corruption, that is love of power, selfish people in control who have agendas and do not care about the big picture, the future or even civilization.

2) stupid people procreating, making a mess of things, bringing people into the society and into the economy who can't contribute and think that entitlements are rights.these people cannot conceive of the big picture, the future or even civilization.

3) then in the US, the middle class who have and want more, and complain that they don't have enough when their lives are anything but simple, and they just need to chill and tone it down.

So pretty much it stinks from above, it stinks from below, and the vast majority of those in the middle stink too. And very few people can actually think in global terms.

Rock said...

zongrik, wow, what a pessimist. But, unfortunately, I agree with you. Still, confronted with this, what do we do?

I think we soldier on, doing our best, speaking truth.

Which you have done, so bravo!

Carolyn said...

Totally enjoyed your post . . . and especially the visual of granny over the cliff!
How true that we hate the way this country is going and yet we don't want to give up any of the govt benefits. We are so far down the path of financial ruin that I doubt anything but some very bitter medicine will fix it now.

Rock said...

Thanks, Carolyn. I'm happy you enjoyed the post. Actually, I think we just have to act rationally now to solve our problems. Cost cutting is not a panacea. One of our major problems is that automation has taken over our businesses. Have you visited your bank lately? They're like ghost towns.

People do their banking online, or outside at the ATM machines, and the banks save money on salaries. All of American manufacturing has done this.

This means that lost jobs will not come back. We've got to come up with a solution to employ our people, despite automation. This is a big shift in thinking and will require very sober thinking.

In the meantime, we should cut costs, but also invest in things like infrastructure, or the financial ruin you speak of will come true. China invests daily in its own infrastructure. We must compete with them.

Thanks again, Carolyn.

JacobMPokeLover said...

Well said. However, I am convinced that the real problem isn’t one political philosophy vs another. I think the problem is more a political class who has become accustomed to the power, perks, and prestige of political office. Their goals are not to solve problems, but to stay in power. That’s why we’re in the state we’re in.

Rock said...

Jacob, in large part I agree with you. It's shameful. Both parties say what they need to say to get re-elected. Even the good ones seem to get corrupted once they get into office.

Too bad for them, too bad for us.

UniquelyYours said...

Great blog, love the cartoons.

Rock said...

Thanks, Linda!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you're a 'pox on both their houses' sort of guy. However, I have a somewhat different take on things.

First of all, President Obama's unpopularity. It's a fact but that his popularity is low; however, it's amazing how high it is given a sour economy that's still in the worst shape anyone can remember post World War II. Take away the economy and he's probably over the top.

I went digging around very conservative Rasmussen polls to see the worst case senario for Obama and even they say he has more people with a favorable impression of this leadership than unfavorable (44% vs 36%).

Watching Fox News and looking at all the Republicans tossing their hats into the ring you'd think Obama's done, put a fork in him. However, I heard on the news that Congress - now that the House is run by the GOP - is setting new lows in approval ratings.

The Tea Party crowd has great pull within the Republican Party but is increasingly a boat anchor around their necks. You talked about the Senate going GOP in 2012. Heck, Fox News was crowing they thought it might go Republican last go-around; however, Tea Party candidates like Sharon Angle cost the party critical seats.

Personally, I think the Tea Party has peaked for now. Both within the movement (e.g., a number of big events fizzled) and with independents and moderate Republicans (e.g., Ryan's Medicare plan's left a large stink in the room).

As you point out, the Republicans thanks to the Tea Party have done exactly what the Democrats did with health care reform. They're pushing the country farther than it wants to go. Doesn't matter if the goals of a balanced budget or universial health care are noble goals - both of which I support in principle - it's too hard to build a concensus. The Ryan plan is a perfect example of this but I sense the Republican's unwillingness to compromise on taxes is wearing thin with the general public as well. It's becoming iffy the House will be able to figure a way through the debt ceiling mess and, if they do, Rand Paul is talking filibuster in the Senate. Common sense tells me they'll back down some but they're so ideological right now I'm not sure common sense will prevail this time.

Oh, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you confuse Medicare and Social Security fixes. Social Security can be tweaked with means testing, age requirement changes, etc. into solvency. I don't think Medicare is that easy.

Confusing the issue is Obama is taking $300+ billion in Medicare and Medicaid savings to fund health care reform. I'm sure I'm missing some important detail here because to me it looks like it puts them further in the hole but he claims he's saving them. I dunno...


dreamersteve99 said...

Refreshing to read..nice to see people care about America. Keep up the pressure your site is great welcome to my stream..also...

Rock said...

Thanks much, dreamersteve99. I'll certainly visit your site! Glad you care about America too!

Rock said...

Anonymous, I agree with just about everything you said. I don't see common sense prevailing at this time, on either side. You're assessment about the Tea Party is correct, but those roots run deep. I believe these are the same folks who supported Ross Perot long ago, and Pat Buchanan. They don't go away. The left has their own cliques.

All we can do is speak the truth, and try and help nudge our country on track.

Thanks for your intelligent comments.

Rock said...

dreamersteve99 I went to your site and left a comment. Wonderful poetry! But I can't find your Twitter username. :)

Carol Woodward said...

Rock, if I read your post correctly, you are in favor of tweaking the entitlement programs and defense spending, but not raising revenues at all. In my household when we have been in budget shortfalls we have cut spending and found addtional income. I guess I am not sure why that approach is verbotten to so many. To me, a liberal democrat, it seem sensible and I believe it is President Obama's position. If you do reply to my comment, please don't give me the Grover Norquist swill that the rich create jobs or that they need lower taxes because their expenses are higher.

As an aside, I enjoy the dialogue.

siciliancharmer said...

Rock, as a veteran, I know how important it is to stand up for the American Way. I resent all those in Washington, especially the current occupant of the White House, when they apologize for all our efforts in the past to preserve and protect freedom in the world. We need more Americans to realize that despite our faults, we still are the greatest country on this earth.

Bella said...

Hello, Rock! I was reading and enjoying your blog. Also , like cartoons very much. I am Russian and came in U.S 14 years ago. I am very thankful to America for making my life easier, especially when women are single moms and caring very sick mother at the same time. It is about me. My mom passed away 1o years ago, my son is grown. Thanks to U.S - young people have great opportunities here. Here we are not divided in religion-we are all Americans{I am Jewish). Of course, our country went wrong way, if compare what i saw when i came here. Our citizens are angry with its lack of its leadership, because along with positives, we have many negatives, such as increasing energy, food, commodities cost; high unemployment rate(about 9%); fear of inflation; rising prices just on everything, high taxes, etc. I think , about 33million of people are without health insurance - they can't afford the cost. Many people lost their houses, many -homeless. Our country must find its identity again. We must be united. Sorry for my writing-my English is not perfect.

weshouldallcare said...

It does seem to be a sticky wicket we find ourselves in. The people we have to worry about are the ones whoarent paying any taxes now and how will they vote. many of them do not see how the Liberal vote has hurt them. They keep their hand out for more.Education would be the key.I recently saw the US junkie commercial that showed Gov was our dealer & kept us hooked on spending. Maybe that pictured approach will spell out the error of voting money from the job producers into the hands of non producers.Something has got to give.

SistaMary said...

Greetings from Australia. Love your site and the cartoons are great! The centre of debate here at the moment is a recently introduced carbon tax which will either make or break this Government.

The wicked witch and the winds of change are not only in Kansas!


entertainment said...

Hi !

Thank you for the article and all your site, I really like it and had a nice time reading everything :)

SouthernSoul2011 said...

Good choices for Red Meat Radicals with Charm!!

Anonymous said...

The truth is that politics in general are not evil. What makes the system evil is the ladies and gentlemn serving in the government. Liberals are Socialist because since they hate wealthy people and social classes. These people believe in equality for you and me, but no one can question their wealth. They are a bunch of hypocrits. Republican care less about the poor and love the wealthy. Neither one have a balance. Everryone is out their with a personal agenda and get wealthy. Your friend at natlhospitaly.

Rock said...

Carl, I find myself constantly changing in my assessment of the Republican Party. I like them less and less each day. As a conservative, I don't accept that conservatism is synonymous with being stupid, or cruel. In fact, I believe the object of all politics and government is to do good for the people.

Obviously, to me, the liberals have demagoged this stance, using wonderful sounding mantras to convince people they care about the poor, etc. They don't. Which is despicable.

Still, Republicans have recently just decided that it's okay not to care about the poor, and are quite open about it. They don't demagogue it, they speak the truth that they are cruel.

I reject both stances.

I reject your stance too. I accept that the rich can pay a bit more in taxes, but I also believe that the fifty percent of Americans who now pay no taxes need to pay too, their FAIR SHARE. The rich now provide more than their fair share towards running the government. We are almost getting confiscatory.

The reason why the poor and middle class ought to pay something is that otherwise, they have no stake in tax decisions. They'll just vote for the crooks who'll give them the most.

Having said this, I do believe in the entitlement programs, but means tested and with cost-benefits analyses.

Rock said...

Carol, I apologize, I called you Carl I see. This is a mistake.

Rock said...

Also, Carol, I don't find your Twitter name.

Rock said...

Anonymous, I agree. Both sides are corrupt hypocrites. The right pretends to care about the U.S. economy and yet will soon be responsible for the first default in our history. The left pretends to care about the poor, and yet promotes unsound giveaways that lead to a shrinking economy, with less money for the poor. I really think we need four parties.

The third one to represent the liberal point of view honestly, and the fourth to represent an honest, humane conservatism.

Rock said...

SouthernSoul2011, thanks for your comment.

I don't have your Twitter username. :)

Rock said...

Entertainment, thanks.

I do not have your Twitter username.

Rock said...

Thanks, SisaMary, for your comments. Love Australia! What is your feeling about the carbon tax?

You're right about those wicked witches and winds of change!

Rock said...

weshouldallcare, I basically agree with you. Although, I think both sides go too far, and that the purists cause more harm than good.

I am against dismantling the social safety net, but I do want spending done carefully, and with a pro business attitude.

Have a great day!

Rock said...

Hey, Bella! Thanks for your comments. I agree with everything you said. It's very interesting to get an immigrant's perspective on our country.

May we do as you say and unite to help the country!

Rock said...

Bela, I don't see your Twitter username. :)

Rock said...

I agree with you siciliancharmer.

Obama grew up and surrounded himself, including with his wife, with people that brainwash themselves and their children that America is not a good nation. It is shocking to him to learn their is another viewpoint.

Rock said...

Anonymous (EyesOnFoxOrg), thanks for your thoughtful and detailed comments.

I find myself agreeing with much of what you say.

About Obama, yes, his polls are remarkably high given the state of things. Yet, his popularity has now dipped below 50%. For an incumbent, on election day, means a loss. The good thing for Obama is that the Republicans, thanks to the Tea Party, are held hostage with far-right ideas. Independents will not go for this.

Here we are on the verge of a default. This will be caused mostly, IMO, by the Tea Party and their reps in the House. It is shameful, and they will eventually pay the price for this at the polls.

Rock said...

I agree with you, JacobMPokeLover. Most of congress is behaving just to get re-elected. Neither side seems to give a hoot about America or Americans.

Kari said...

I too believe in a safety net, I don't think it needs to be a leather sofa with a 60" wide screen and a government provided cell phone with 250 minutes a month....We will all eventually need some help at one time or another, but not gov. provided luxuries. Once you lend your unemployed brother-in-law 5000.00 so he can get by....he'll be back for more and get pissed if you don't leaned him more, better to help him get a job and stand on his own two feet. Zoo9guy

Rock said...

Karl, I don't think unemployment benefits are excessive. On the other hand, I agree with you on the principle of teaching a man to fish rather than just giving him a fish. :)

Rock said...

Sorry, Kari, I misspelled your name. :)

Rock said...

Kari, what is your Twitter name?

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Linda Collison said...

I just found your blog, and I appreciate the sardonic humor you employ to dispel dogma, knee jerk reactions, paranoia, and manipulation. I just used a photo of the three stooges on your website, on my facebook page for my satirical short story Friday Night Knife and Gun Club.!/FridayNightKnifeAndGunClub Thanks!

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