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Welcome to the Truth Blogs!

Elwood: "They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God."                                                                      (Blues Brothers 1980)

We indeed are on a Mission from God!

Please donate, subscribe, and invest in my enterprise to help get this vital truth out to the rest of America. Mine is a unique viewpoint that I believe is part of the salvation for America in our troubled times. It needs and deserves generous support.

Hardcore Conservative with Some Progressive Ideals

Truth—the No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone is the philosophical bedrock for my filmmaking, and for my cartoons blog, Rock's World.

This TRUTH includes an exploration of vital issues in our politics, news, entertainment, and culture. My thesis is we need all our citizens involved in the national debate, both the right and left wings. I believe each is vital in a thriving democracy. Sometimes truth will lie with the right, other times with the left, and usually in a combination. This is not centrist, or moderate. It is hardcore truth.

Having said this, I often find myself on the conservative side of things. Even when I passionately support a progressive ideal, like Social Security benefits, I usually seek a conservative approach, such as voluntary privatization. I advocate means testing, raising the age requirements, and rigid cost-benefits analyses. In other words, I'm basically conservative, even when I promote a progressive ideal, and I want SMART.

As opposed to my far-right fellow conservatives, though, I do passionately believe in the social safety net, including humane unemployment insurance, universal healthcare (market-based), and reformed SSC, Medicare, and Medicaid.

I also want active and enduring support for the arts, science, research, and infrastructure investments.

I promote reasonable financing for education, but also its release from the clutches of teachers’ unions, and from liberal, anti-American ideologies.

Have a wonderful day!


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