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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hardcore Conservative with Some Progressive Ideals

Elwood: "They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God."                                                                      (Blues Brothers 1980)

We indeed are on a Mission from God!

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Hardcore Conservative with Some Progressive Ideals

Truth—the No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone is the philosophical bedrock for my filmmaking, and for my cartoons blog, Rock's World.

This TRUTH includes an exploration of vital issues in our politics, news, entertainment, and culture.

My thesis is we need all our citizens involved in the national debate, both the left and right wings. I believe each is vital in a thriving democracy. Sometimes truth will lie with the left, other times with the right, and usually in a combination. This is not centrist, or moderate. It is hardcore truth.

Having said this, I often find myself on the conservative side of things. Even when I passionately support a progressive ideal, like Social Security benefits, I usually seek a conservative approach, such as voluntary privatization. I advocate means testing, raising the age requirements, and rigid cost-benefits analyses. In other words, I'm basically conservative, even when I promote a progressive ideal, and I want SMART.

As opposed to my far-right fellow conservatives, though, I do passionately believe in the social safety net, including humane unemployment insurance, universal healthcare (market-based), and reformed SSC, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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Invisible and Visible Hands

Adam Smith
I trust, with my compadres, in Adam Smith's invisible hand of the market, but I don't think it solves all of society's needs. The invisible hand is necessary for business and economic success, but it requires a visible hand too, that of a government actively seeking to solve the other problems, like homelessness. Albeit, with market-based solutions.

I also want active and enduring support for the arts, science, research, and infrastructure investments.

I promote reasonable financing for education, but also its release from the clutches of teachers’ unions, and from liberal, anti-American ideologies.

The History of Left vs. Right

I am surprised as I learn the history of our great nation that we repeatedly revisit the very same arguments our Founding Fathers had in the eighteenth century. There have always been liberals, and conservatives.

Present-day conservatives, and their radical right-wing proponents, like Bachmann, the Tea Party, and even Beck, proclaim conservatism as the guardian of our national history, and they promote a return to the values of our Founders.

Thomas Jefferson, States' Rights
John Hancock, Federalist

Well, I’ve got news for you, my fellow conservatives; the values of the Founding Fathers were exactly like ours. They were split between Federalist and States' Rights people, those that desired a republic and those who wanted pure democracy, and yes, between liberals and conservatives. It’s tiring to think we’ve made no progress since then. Or, is it? Maybe this kind of balance and tension is exactly what our republic needs.

What If the Hard Right Ruled?

Thinking of our own times, what if the hard right, which is now controlling the Republican Party, ruled absolutely?

Well, we’d have Texas. There’d be drastically reduced unemployment insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits. The military would still be fully funded. Taxes would be flat. We’d have no illegal immigration. There’d be an abundant energy supply. The air and water would be a bit more polluted.

Dallas Oil Refinery and Skyline
Unions would shrivel and no longer destroy our companies, and city and state governments. Teachers unions would stop emulsifying our children's minds in the interest of teacher benefits and anti-American liberal philosophy. Our history would be re-written again to make America the hero of the world. Students would be allowed to attend quality schools with a voucher system.

Our economy would rocket under these conditions. Small businesses would thrive and hire.

On the other hand, the unemployed, the poor, the mentally ill, many sick people, the elderly, education funding, science, research, and the arts would suffer. Millions of government workers would lose their jobs and flood the job market. The poor would be vilified. They would get enough food from charities to live, on the streets, and then be arrested for vagrancy. Some elderly would be at the mercy of relatives or charities. Mental health would be decimated, and we’d have even more Jared Loughner’s. Millions would have no health insurance, and continue to flood and bankrupt our public hospitals.

The Post Office and public transportation would no longer serve small towns. We’d never have high-speed rail. Our roads and bridges would crumble waiting for private enterprise to repair them. NASA would not exist, and we wouldn't have even gone to the moon. The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program would be defunded, removing a vital investment tool for American manufacturing.

Regulation would be diminished so much that our food supply would be tainted.

We'd be in Afghanistan another thirty years.

We'd be dominated by religious dogma. Pornography would be banned.

The useless war on drugs would be expanded, and even more people would be in prison. Speaking of prisons, they'd be even more of a hellhole. Which means, yes, the incentive would increase not to offend, but jails would turn out a more determined class of uneducated criminals, who only know crime, to prey on us.

What if the Hardcore Left Ruled?

We’d have Los Angeles. There'd be humane unemployment insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits. We’d have lots of government jobs. The elderly would be okay. The poor could survive in dignity. The mentally ill and challenged would have programs and be off the streets.

Los Angeles Slum and Skyline
Science, research, and the arts would thrive.

The Post Office and public transportation would continue to serve small towns. We’d have high-speed rail. Our roads and bridges would be repaired. We’d revitalize our space program and other technological advancements. The SBIR program would help revive American manufacturing.

We’d advance our Green Technology, which would mean a socialistic choosing of winners, which would fail miserably and cost billions, but also lead to a few important advancements over the years. The air and water would be very clean.

The prison population would shrink with the end of the war on drugs. This would mean, however, flooding the job market, roads, and hospitals with addicted and inebriated citizens. Still, this would reduce the crime rate, and lower gang and organized crime involvement in the drug trade. Replacing these, though, would be the black market and gang involvement for cigarettes, and establishments where smoking would be surreptitiously allowed, kind of like speakeasies.

French fries and milkshakes would be outlawed.

Prisons would be run humanely, and would educate inmates so they’d at least have a chance on the outside, and stop robbing us.

The military would be denuded. We'd be out of Afghanistan and unlikely to get involved military again with boots on the ground.

Religion would be kept out of government. Pornography would be allowed.

Regulation would metastasize, so that we’d theoretically be a safer, cleaner society, and with no financial risks of world meltdown again. In reality, though, the regulations themselves would crush business, commerce, and the financial system.

There’d be an eternal energy shortage, as we’d be mired as we are now, forbidden to utilize our vast resources.

Unions would multiply and thrive, with unabashed cronyism and payoffs. “Stimulus” programs would funnel money to their leaders and some of their members. They’d be free again to destroy our manufacturing base, and city and state governments.

Taxes would skyrocket. Government would confiscate money from all successful individuals and corporations. The economy would tank, just like Los Angeles. We’d eventually suffer another Depression.

Everybody would have health insurance, but on a par with Cuba. There would be long lines, cues for treatment, and even death panels, though denied by present proponents.

Teachers unions would guarantee higher teacher wages and benefits, but also that children remain in low-quality schools. They’d continue to fill children’s minds with hatred for America and anything to do with business or success. They’d just about ensure that future presidents of the United States would go around apologizing for America.

We’d be flooded even more with illegal immigrants. English would be the second language of the land.


Perhaps you can tell I’d prefer that the hardcore right rule rather than the hardcore left. Control by the far right would lead to a Darwinian paradise, and the U.S. would conquer and thrive. Unless, of course, it wasted everything on Afghanistan-like, black-hole militarisms of ten-year wars.

Survival of the Fittest
Yet, I don’t want a Darwinian paradise. I am against the hardcore right’s inhumane treatment of the poor, the aged, and the arts. They’ve even shown they will oppose the advancement of science, higher education, investment in infrastructure, and wonderful programs like the SBIR. And I don’t want ten-year, black-hole wars.

I want a humane society. I love progressive ideals, like helping the poor. I just don’t like the left’s socialist and communist solutions to these ideals.

I want a Darwinian paradise for the economy, and for defense. But for other issues, like poverty, I want a Dickensian sensibility backed up with market-based or at least cost-effective solutions devised by conservatives, not by deep-pocket, dreamy eyed liberals.

Still, as I think I’ve demonstrated, we need liberals and conservatives.

Without both wings, our society would flounder.

Have a wonderful day!

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Bodhi said...

Nice work Rock! The world needs more straight shooting, educated minds, to blaze a trail of truth toward our salvation. Thanks for doing what you do. I'll be visiting your blog often!


Rock said...

Thanks much, Bodhi. I appreciate your kind words. Have a wonderful week!

Unknown said...

Truth be told, this an an ingenious and a critical blog. Greettings :D

Rock said...

Thanks, Conde!

Rock said...

Conde, are you on Twitter. You didn't give me your username. :)

Dolly_World said...

Research Zbigniew Brzezinski & his model of instability. Even though Brzezinski was under Carter, George Sr. worked to stabilize this through Kuwaiti Banking in controlling all oil producing countries revenues.
obama is "actively destabilizing" this region. Rather than encourage financial stability and regional solidarity, obama is fermenting destabilization to force a one world monetary system.

The Journey said...

I have friends that are teachers and have to disagree with you on your take about teachers and unions. Unions are what created the middle class they are necessary especially where safety of workers are involved, my father was a union man and so was his father and as far as teachers well they have a right to collective bargaining they need it to survive the greed of most politicians if the money don't get into politicians hands it gets into corporations hands and God knows what corporations do with the money goes into their own pockets. I am experiencing what all this greed has done it has made a direct impact on my life, I am unable to find gainful employment to which I can support myself, I have a very part time job and over a year ago took away any benefits that I was receiving from them especially the health care, I went back to school to re invent myself and now have to pay back student loans that I could not afford in the first place and five years ago this all started by losing a job that I had managed to hold onto for 28yrs. So if you have not experienced any of what I have and so many of my friends have then you really should not speak about teachers in a disrespectful manner because they need the money as bad as the next guy and are very under paid and under appreciated.

Rock said...

The Journey

Well, first, there are good and bad things about unions, on that we agree. Second, I didn't say anything bad about teachers, but teacher's unions.

They are the ones propping up public schools and preventing vouchers.

And, the administrators and higher ups are the ones teaching what to me is anti-Americanism in schools.

As far as teachers themselves go, they are angels. I was married to one, and she was a wonderful force with her children.

I am pro-union. I don't want them abolished. But the bad thing about them is all they want is more. They helped bankrupt our auto industry, and so on.

So, unions, yes, but greed, no. German unions seem to be adequately pro-worker, but without ruining the companies they work for.

Thanks for the comment!

I don't have your Twitter username. :)

Rock said...

Dolly World. I don't buy all that conspiracy stuff. It's never even remotely true.

There's enough about Obama that is negative without having to resort to secret things he's doing.

Thanks for your comment!

John said...

I think the argument about schools is fine to a point. But "Teaching Anti-American Values" is a bit of a stretch to my mind when you look at the right wing alternative which is to infuse their narrow-minded religious viewpoints into the classroom of captive audience. Indoctrination can go both ways. There are people where I live who are fighting to get "Creationism" forced into Public School cirricula. These are the same ones who want to push "Charter Schools" (Which are, in all reality nothing but "Christianized Madras). Some Charters even force feed textbooks printed by evangelicals. I am strictly for freedom FOR RELIGION as long as I am also assured of freedom FROM religion--especially in schools where innocent minds are so easily swayed. I don't think the right wing is so interested in infusing Christian Values in Schools as they are in using this Christian dodge as a legitimate reason to brainwash to a political ideology.(Theirs.)

Rock said...

Actually, I agree with you mostly in your view on this, John. I am against indoctrination in school, either with the liberal religion, or Christian, or Muslim.

I'm not aware of charter schools being this way, though.

I wouldn't mind schools teaching Comparative Religion as a history or sociological course, but not one of indoctrination. I also don't like political correctness being taught, like Islam is a religion of peace. If they teach that, they also need to teach about Islamic terrorism.

John, what's your Twitter username? I'd like to reconnect with you there too. :)

Lil chief said...

The silver lining is that People on the Left - Right & Center, in other words the populous agree that congress and even more accurately politicians are the problem and are failing us all. 77% of Americans in last nights poll said that Congress acted like children during the debt ceiling crisis and exerted extortion with it. Now that we agree let's use our power to make them listen. Can I get an A!!!!! men? (I think a Canadian would get that..)Two points for the recent posts; 1. Islam and all religions are for peace, really!!!but ask any Jew or Muslim in Spain oh about the time of the inquisition what they think of Peace and the Christian religion? 2. Beware of large states purchasing power of Textbooks, (Texas)revisionists and evangelical agenda board members will influence other states since those states can't afford to review as the big ones do, those states wield unprecedented powers over a bigger swath then they should be aloud.

Lil chief

Rock said...

Thanks, Lil chief! Great comments. Islam at present is not a religion of peace. They need, like Christianity, to undergo a Reformation. Then, we'll see. Second, I agree about any "religious" overseeing of textbooks, including the liberal religion.

Have a good one, and don't be a stranger!

Mikatabita said...

I learn about Adam Smith in school.I really hated the subject.Like what has GDP got to do with my nice village life.Teach us something else.

Very good blog Rocky

Rock said...

Thanks, Mikatabita. Wonderful to hear about your village. And, I accept that GDP might not be interesting to everyone. :)

Lil chief said...

Washington loves titles: so let's declare them Enemy-Combatants eligible for Extraordinary Rendition or sequestering, that will sort them out. they have to be shaken up and fear, not by violence rather by true numbers.

Rock said...

Love it, Lil chief!

Political Nick said...

I am really glad I found your blog. Although I don't agree with some of your views, we do need more people like you educating Americans on these issues and people like you in office. There are too many that only vote along their party lines or agree with one view of a party or candidate and vote for them because of just one issue instead of looking at the big picture and all the views. I will be putting a link to your page on my blog. I'm new to blogging so please visit me and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance and looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Andre said...

Truth be told, this an an ingenious and a critical blog. Greettings :D

Shannon Lee said...

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Anonymous said...

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