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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Definitive Article on Global Warming

does not exist. This will be one of the major points I make. There has not been, and never will be, a definitive article on global warming, or climate change. I’ll try to address this with logic, and science.

I do believe that humans have some effect on climate, but that the extent of this is un-measurable at present. My bias is that other factors, such as


(see the peer reviewed Solar Cycles Causing Global Warming) have a greater effect.

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My Credentials

I completed all my pre-med, attained an M.S. in Clinical Psychology, plus all the coursework for my Ph.D. in that field. I have an extensive scientific and research background, along with higher math, including statistics. I am not paid by any industry for my opinions on this topic.
When someone claims “the end of the Earth is near” and demands tens of trillions of dollars to correct it, people should be a lot more skeptical than they have been.
                                                                                       A.J. Strata

My first argument is logic.

The Earth has had Warmer Periods

than we are experiencing now, before the evil humans walked upon this planet. 1000 years ago the Earth was much warmer than it is today. Guess what? There was no industry then, no cars, and … polar bears survived that period! It is even debatable whether or not the Earth is warming now. Records indicate that Earth’s temperature has not been rising since 1995.

Correlation between CO2 and Rising Temperature

Second, scientists have proven some sort of correlation between an elevation in CO2 with a rise in temperature. But what they have not proven is causation. In fact, CO2 levels rise only after temperature increases. CO2 could be increasing as a result of many factors, even the higher temperatures. A rising temperature, caused perhaps by sunspot activity,

might affect the Earth’s capability to handle CO2. The assumption of a greenhouse effect is still a theory. It is not a fact. See here for how complex the subject is.

The Coming Ice Age

Third, the Earth periodically has global warming followed by ice ages. Climate always changes! Saying global warming is causing climate change, or even climate disruption, means global warming is having no effect on climate, since the climate would be changing anyway. For example, the number of hurricanes and their ferocity goes up and down and up and down, throughout Earth’s history. Some scientists think we may be entering an ice age right now. See New Ice Age Predicted -- But Averted by Global Warming? We won’t feel it for a while, but it will come. If this is true, then global warming will save the Earth, not harm it! We should pray for global warming, then, as an ice age will be much more cruel on life than global warming.

Global Warming as a Good Thing

Global warming over the last 15,000 years has changed our world from an icebox to a garden. Today extreme deserts and glaciers have largely given way to grasslands, woodlands, and forests.
                                           Global Warming:
 A Chilling Perspective

Fourth, why is global warming necessarily a bad thing? Let’s say it’s true to the extent that the alarmists predict. So, sea levels will rise, polar bears will be harmed,

and some islanders will lose their homes. Humans will survive. Some species will actually be happier, like fish. We are so self-centered that we think the universe revolves around us. Global warming can’t “destroy” the Earth. It can only be a factor in the natural ebb and flow that’s been going on for eons. Ice age, global warming. Lower sea levels, higher sea levels. The Earth has seen it all before.

See See Global Warming: a Boon to Humans and Other Animals, by Thomas Gale Moore

Contrary to the doom and gloom scenarios that environmentalists propound, both evidence and theory suggest that global warming would in general be beneficial. Simple logic indicates that most of modern humankind's activities would be unaffected by a warming of five to nine degrees Fahrenheit. Agriculture and some services might actually benefit.

Moreover, past history shows two periods that were significantly warmer than today, and during both eras mankind flourished. The first epoch, which has been dubbed by climatologists the "climatic optimum," brought temperatures that were as warm as the median prediction for the next century. During this period, Homo sapiens shifted from surviving in small tribes through hunting and gathering to settled farming communities and from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. During the second warming, the "little climate optimum," Europe enjoyed the High Middle Ages and went on one of the largest building sprees ever recorded.

Is CO2 a Pollutant?

I will concede one point. It is logical to me that spewing pollutants into the atmosphere cannot be a good thing. So, I’m happy the air quality in the U.S. is much better than it was when I was a child near Chicago, and my father would drive us along the highways passing paint factories, and I couldn’t see through the acid smog or hardly breathe.

Yet, I’m not willing to concede that CO2 is a pollutant. It is a natural product. Plants love it, in fact thrive on it. And I’m not convinced the Earth can’t take care of it. For example, plant life will thrive at higher CO2 levels, and grow larger, more widespread, and greener, spewing out more oxygen. As stated in Popular Technology

CO2 is not a pollutant, it’s a product of every living creature’s breathing, it’s the product of all plant respiration, it is essential for plant life and photosynthesis.

How Scientific Knowledge is Developed

My biggest complaint about the global warming alarmists, including scientists, is that they ought to know better. Science, including that on global warming, is based on theory. Scientists must try and prove their theories, over and over, and keep adjusting them when new data becomes available. Nothing is ever “decided.” We keep learning and discovering new things, even about reality, new dimensions, E=MC2, everything.

Copernicus said the Earth revolves around the Sun, but all the scientists of his day disagreed with him. Physicians went on TV when I was a child and said that cigarettes were good for your health.

All the scientists in the Middle Ages recommended bleeding patients with leeches to cure them of the plague, which led to their patients’ deaths. The majority of scientists some years ago said that coffee was bad for your health. Now, there’s a sizeable group that say that coffee is good for you. This goes on and on.

There is nothing definitive in science. They can’t even explain gravity yet.

Meteorologists have trouble predicting tomorrow’s weather.

And you’re going to entrust these same people with predicting climate, based on mathematical models? Mathematical models of this magnitude are notoriously unreliable.

Why did we have global warming before industrialization? Why, then, did we have ice ages? What caused them?

Unanswered Questions

These are unanswered questions, even to this day. Global warming can be measured. If it’s happening, it’s happening. Anecdotal reports, though, are useless. And, beyond this, predicting the course of global warming, or climate change, is a science in its infancy. Determining “the cause” of climate change is also quite complex. This is not one plus one equals two. Everything is a guess. If a single part of one of those mile-long formulas is off, the whole prediction goes out the window.

The Hoax of Global Warming

There are tons of articles on the ruse of global warming, including this site, Global Warming Hoax, which has a moving scroll of hundreds of articles written that either show global warming is not happening, including climate change, or that it is not caused by humans primarily. Also see these enlightening videos, Global Warming Hoax, and The Great Global Warming Swindle.

Who Benefits Financially from the Global Warming Hysteria?

The whole green industry. Liberals. The Democratic Party. Al Gore. All liberal and political environmental groups. Independent films promoting global warming hysteria, regardless of the facts. Scientists trying to get grants to prove global warming or develop green technology. And political action groups seeking money for green candidates.

Raising Money for Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda

I know. I used to be a fundraiser for Tom Hayden and Jayne Fonda. Like all these bogus fund-raising organizations, the leaders (Tom and Jayne) gave us the cause we’d be “working” that week. One week it would be environmentalism. Would the money go to cleaning the environment, or promoting green laws? No. The cash went straight into a general fund that Tom and Jayne would use for whatever they wanted, political or personal. Some of the money, of course, went to paying salaries for us workers, and for Tom and Jayne’s political needs, and for ads to frighten people into believing the sky was falling.

Other Benefits for Believers in Global Warming

How else do liberals benefit from the global warming scam? They get to feel like the good guys. They are doing something positive for the world, while the nasty global warming deniers are destroying the Earth.

As a conservative, I feel good by promoting the truth. If I find one day that global warming is real, I’ll say so. And if I discover that humankind is causing it, I’ll write that. Until then, I’ll assert this. If global warming exists, or climate disruption, I believe factors other than humans are the more important ones.

How Can You Recognize a Scam?

Personally, I believe global warming at present is a genuine scam. The day when I start hearing evidence on both sides of the issue, then I’ll know that the global warming advocates are at least allowing debate on the topic. This is not happening. Anyone who believes global warming does not exist, or that it is not man made, is hounded into silence. This is not science. And as long as global warming is treated as a religion rather than a scientific question, it will not pass the smell test with me.

Global Warming as Religion

My personal theory is that many liberals are anti-religion (which I don’t mind), but are not being honest with themselves. Global warming, Gaia, and green are their religion instead. They worship the Earth, animals, flowers, plants, and trees, and no amount of evidence will ever convince them of anything that is against their gods, like Al Gore; or against their bibles, like the hysterical global warming literature and films.

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Rock said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for your comment. Of course, I'm all for reasonable green technology. I'm just against the hysterical "the sky is falling" approach of many environmentalists who secretly are only interested in an agenda, or profit.

Christine Montgomery said...

I'm no scientist, but I believe the earth has shifted off its axis ever so slightly due to earthquakes, and this is why climate change is occuring.

Rock said...

Christine, I think your guess is as good as mine. I believe it comes from sunspots and other natural cycles. Thanks for the visit!

Christine Morabito said...

Thanks for your post. Well done! I shared it on Facebook.

Rock said...

Thanks, Christine, for your compliment, and for sharing the post on Facebook. Have a good one!

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Benson said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for your comment. Of course, I'm all for reasonable green technology. I'm just against the hysterical "the sky is falling" approach of many environmentalists who secretly are only interested in an agenda, or profit.

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