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Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Need a Third Party

I assume Newsweek is defensive about the above photo of Michele Bachmann. I am not. I think it represents her perfectly.

It was literally okay with her if we had defaulted, and she blames our downgrade and stock market crash on raising the debt ceiling. She'd rather we not pay our bills, renege on our agreements, and hold the world's economy hostage, for political gain.

I don't imagine she does this maliciously. I just think she truly has no understanding of economics at all. She has no business running for dogcatcher, let alone president.

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Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers on the Right

I used to think that all irrationality lay on the liberal side of the spectrum. I still judge that most modern liberals, at least the leaders, have entirely lost their reasoning abilities.

Yet I, a conservative, have become steadily disenchanted with the Republican Party. Sadly, I’ve seen most of them, including their leaders, like their counterparts on the left, drift into complete


And, they’ve become the caricatures they were always accused of being, like Scrooge, or wanting to throw Granny off a cliff, and so on. It’s amazing. The final straws for me were their voting against unemployment extensions and now leading us to our first credit downgrade in history.

The Grand Old Tea Party

Presently, the Republican Party represents the Tea Party alone. Their intolerance for diverse points of view fosters scorn for "RINOs" like Olympia Snowe and Scott Brown. These "moderates" commit the sin of voting for compassionate and economically viable things like unemployment insurance extensions. Republicans also deride people like me, not a moderate, for siding with the American people and economists on issues like infrastructure spending.

Well, the Tea Party cannot define Snowe, Brown, or me out of existence as conservatives. I define them out of existence as conservatives. I insist on believing that conservatives are rational, brilliant, and innovative.

The Tea Party loves to go back to our roots and Founding Fathers. However, these historical figures were rebels, innovators, scientists, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. They broke barriers. They were full of "revolutionary ideas." They definitely used Keynesian spending, initiated deficit spending, and built infrastructure to win the Revolutionary War.

Republicans have become far-right wing and unreasonable, with no imagination and no vision for America other than low taxes and spending cuts. That’s it? That’s the great beacon for all our efforts? At least Reagan had the “Shining City on a Hill.”

No Big Ideas and No Flexibility

Unfortunately, under present Republican stewardship, we will never again be a nation of big ideas.

We’ll never do things like go to the moon, build high-speed rail, or even cure cancer. All that costs money. We’ll never be able to fight another World War. We’d just give up and let the Nazi’s take over.

With their idiotic Balanced Budget Amendment, we won’t even be able to behave like the average American family or business. Families and businesses engage in deficit spending all the time, taking on a mortgage, car loan, business investment loans, or inventory loans when the opportunity presents itself or an emergency, like the need for a heart transplant. If we had a balanced budget requirement during the recent recession, we’d have had spending cuts and tax increases — just when the economy was most vulnerable.

So I Like the Dems, Right?

Sadly for me, though, Democrats are preaching what I’ve just said too. I don’t want them as allies in this fight, and I cringe at any association with them. The problem is they have morphed over the years into not only a far-left party, but led by a bunch of lying demagogues. Every time they open their mouths they are spewing bold-faced untruths.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is an example of a purely evil politician. She is a sociopath with no redeeming values.

Present-day Democrats, like Republicans, operate on only one guiding principle. Theirs is to demonize and soak the rich, and business. However, soaking the rich will not pay for all their golden dreams. And soaking, over-regulating, and demonizing business does harm to our economy, and winds up hurting even those they claim to represent, the poor.

Morton's Fork

Therefore, we’ve got the choice between the ideological nutcases on the right, who tell the “truth” but whose truth is dangerous for the nation, versus the demagogic, lying left.

Stuck in the Middle With You

In my opinion, my position is where the nation needs to be, if you’re a conservative. I’m a hardcore conservative with some progressive ideals. I find myself on the conservative side of most issues, but I am not tied to ideology. I’m tied to what works for America.

Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger

This should not be confused with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stance, which sounded the same. He, in my opinion, was a man with his finger in the air. He was a “moderate.”

I don’t have my finger in the air, and I’m not a moderate. Rather, I’m focused on what will work, based on economics, science, and research. I’m an empiricist. It just so happens that most things that work in these areas take on a conservative hue. But, not always.

John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes
One example is Keynesian spending. Almost 99% of conservatives nowadays do not believe in it. They think it leads to debt and a weaker economy. They are wrong. WWII was our most massive Keynesian spending in history. It worked.

Keynesian spending should be increased when the nation needs an input of money, and shrink when the economy is doing well. When unemployment is high and GDP sluggish, an injection of funds into the economy is required.

So, Why Didn’t Obama’s Keynesian Spending Work?

Basically, it was poured down a rat-hole. He wasted it on cronies, unions, and government jobs. None of this had a multiplier effect for the economy, and its positives ended when the spending stopped. No new roads were built, or bridges, or factories for future employment.

Therefore, he “proved” that Keynesian spending doesn’t work, right? No. He proved that dumping money down a rat-hole doesn’t work.

Never Trust a Leftist with Keynesian Spending

Anyway, I wouldn’t trust Obama or the left with any Keynesian spending. I’d run from all community organizers for this job. I’d only trust a businessperson or economist. They’d have to be pro-business, have a conservative bent, and be meticulous at assessing cost-benefit.

I Will Remain a Conservative

But I cannot vote for the insane, vision-impaired, and cruel Republican Party we have now. My goals might be considered progressive, in that I want to help the poor, for example, like any good Democrat. But I don’t see Marxism or socialism as the way to effect this. Only market based solutions make any sense to me.

We Need a Third Party

So, I must create or find a third party. I don’t have a name yet. But I would simply describe it as hardcore conservative with some progressive ideals. Incidentally, I believe most Americans occupy this part of the political spectrum. They don’t want to snatch unemployment extensions away from the unemployed, but they do think we need to be careful with our spending. They seek a strong defense, but don't accept ten-year wars.

I’ll be filling in more details about this in the future.

Have a wonderful day!
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Have a wonderful day!

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