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Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Need a Third Party

I assume Newsweek is defensive about the above photo of Michele Bachmann. I am not. I think it represents her perfectly.

It was literally okay with her if we had defaulted, and she blames our downgrade and stock market crash on raising the debt ceiling. She'd rather we not pay our bills, renege on our agreements, and hold the world's economy hostage, for political gain.

I don't imagine she does this maliciously. I just think she truly has no understanding of economics at all. She has no business running for dogcatcher, let alone president.

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Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers on the Right

I used to think that all irrationality lay on the liberal side of the spectrum. I still judge that most modern liberals, at least the leaders, have entirely lost their reasoning abilities.

Yet I, a conservative, have become steadily disenchanted with the Republican Party. Sadly, I’ve seen most of them, including their leaders, like their counterparts on the left, drift into complete


And, they’ve become the caricatures they were always accused of being, like Scrooge, or wanting to throw Granny off a cliff, and so on. It’s amazing. The final straws for me were their voting against unemployment extensions and now leading us to our first credit downgrade in history.

The Grand Old Tea Party

Presently, the Republican Party represents the Tea Party alone. Their intolerance for diverse points of view fosters scorn for "RINOs" like Olympia Snowe and Scott Brown. These "moderates" commit the sin of voting for compassionate and economically viable things like unemployment insurance extensions. Republicans also deride people like me, not a moderate, for siding with the American people and economists on issues like infrastructure spending.

Well, the Tea Party cannot define Snowe, Brown, or me out of existence as conservatives. I define them out of existence as conservatives. I insist on believing that conservatives are rational, brilliant, and innovative.

The Tea Party loves to go back to our roots and Founding Fathers. However, these historical figures were rebels, innovators, scientists, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. They broke barriers. They were full of "revolutionary ideas." They definitely used Keynesian spending, initiated deficit spending, and built infrastructure to win the Revolutionary War.

Republicans have become far-right wing and unreasonable, with no imagination and no vision for America other than low taxes and spending cuts. That’s it? That’s the great beacon for all our efforts? At least Reagan had the “Shining City on a Hill.”

No Big Ideas and No Flexibility

Unfortunately, under present Republican stewardship, we will never again be a nation of big ideas.

We’ll never do things like go to the moon, build high-speed rail, or even cure cancer. All that costs money. We’ll never be able to fight another World War. We’d just give up and let the Nazi’s take over.

With their idiotic Balanced Budget Amendment, we won’t even be able to behave like the average American family or business. Families and businesses engage in deficit spending all the time, taking on a mortgage, car loan, business investment loans, or inventory loans when the opportunity presents itself or an emergency, like the need for a heart transplant. If we had a balanced budget requirement during the recent recession, we’d have had spending cuts and tax increases — just when the economy was most vulnerable.

So I Like the Dems, Right?

Sadly for me, though, Democrats are preaching what I’ve just said too. I don’t want them as allies in this fight, and I cringe at any association with them. The problem is they have morphed over the years into not only a far-left party, but led by a bunch of lying demagogues. Every time they open their mouths they are spewing bold-faced untruths.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is an example of a purely evil politician. She is a sociopath with no redeeming values.

Present-day Democrats, like Republicans, operate on only one guiding principle. Theirs is to demonize and soak the rich, and business. However, soaking the rich will not pay for all their golden dreams. And soaking, over-regulating, and demonizing business does harm to our economy, and winds up hurting even those they claim to represent, the poor.

Morton's Fork

Therefore, we’ve got the choice between the ideological nutcases on the right, who tell the “truth” but whose truth is dangerous for the nation, versus the demagogic, lying left.

Stuck in the Middle With You

In my opinion, my position is where the nation needs to be, if you’re a conservative. I’m a hardcore conservative with some progressive ideals. I find myself on the conservative side of most issues, but I am not tied to ideology. I’m tied to what works for America.

Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger

This should not be confused with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stance, which sounded the same. He, in my opinion, was a man with his finger in the air. He was a “moderate.”

I don’t have my finger in the air, and I’m not a moderate. Rather, I’m focused on what will work, based on economics, science, and research. I’m an empiricist. It just so happens that most things that work in these areas take on a conservative hue. But, not always.

John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes
One example is Keynesian spending. Almost 99% of conservatives nowadays do not believe in it. They think it leads to debt and a weaker economy. They are wrong. WWII was our most massive Keynesian spending in history. It worked.

Keynesian spending should be increased when the nation needs an input of money, and shrink when the economy is doing well. When unemployment is high and GDP sluggish, an injection of funds into the economy is required.

So, Why Didn’t Obama’s Keynesian Spending Work?

Basically, it was poured down a rat-hole. He wasted it on cronies, unions, and government jobs. None of this had a multiplier effect for the economy, and its positives ended when the spending stopped. No new roads were built, or bridges, or factories for future employment.

Therefore, he “proved” that Keynesian spending doesn’t work, right? No. He proved that dumping money down a rat-hole doesn’t work.

Never Trust a Leftist with Keynesian Spending

Anyway, I wouldn’t trust Obama or the left with any Keynesian spending. I’d run from all community organizers for this job. I’d only trust a businessperson or economist. They’d have to be pro-business, have a conservative bent, and be meticulous at assessing cost-benefit.

I Will Remain a Conservative

But I cannot vote for the insane, vision-impaired, and cruel Republican Party we have now. My goals might be considered progressive, in that I want to help the poor, for example, like any good Democrat. But I don’t see Marxism or socialism as the way to effect this. Only market based solutions make any sense to me.

We Need a Third Party

So, I must create or find a third party. I don’t have a name yet. But I would simply describe it as hardcore conservative with some progressive ideals. Incidentally, I believe most Americans occupy this part of the political spectrum. They don’t want to snatch unemployment extensions away from the unemployed, but they do think we need to be careful with our spending. They seek a strong defense, but don't accept ten-year wars.

I’ll be filling in more details about this in the future.

Have a wonderful day!
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Have a wonderful day!

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Gary Floyd said...

From the other side, or someone who supports the modern Whig party, I agree with you. The Wall Street puppeteers will let Bachaman get only so close because bottom they want to protect their money and they're afraid she really believes it. Talking through their microphone, newsweek, the ordered up a photogenic hit job. It isn't all that different to what they did with Howard Dean when they went with a feed that was designed to eliminate crowd noise to make him sound more unhinged. By the end you get two wall Street Friendly politicians competing for the same turf.

Rock said...

Well, thanks for your comment, Labor's Pains. We agree in part. I have no conspiracy theory on this, though. I don't see Wall Street controlling this, and I am not anti-Wall Street. We will disagree on this, what is good for Wall Street, anyway, is good for American, and for all Americans, including the poor.

If Wall Street were to tumble even more, that would hurt business, and the world's economy.

I'm pro business and pro Wall Street. I'm against irrationality like Bachmann. Dean was a leftist, but I found him rational. Bachmann is just plain ignorant.

Thanks again.

Rock said...

BTW, Labor's Pains, if Wall Street controlled our politics, we wouldn't have the Tea Party giving us our first downgrade in history, which hurts Wall Street.

Rock said...

Labor's Pains, what's your Twitter username?

Gary Floyd said...

Twitter name: geefloyd

I don't believe Wall Street controls the tea party. I think they use them. They get their policy through the talking heads on television. They are all linked through the many tentacles of multi-national business. The key was GE, who supposedly controls the "liberal channel." When the Iraq war broke out GE was 100% behind. At that time there news division was losing money but their weapons division was making plenty of money. They were for the war. Or the Washington Post who is really Kaplan Testing, as half of their business is in testing material. The Washington Post is for education reform and why wouldn't they it's just too damn profitable.

Rock said...

Labor's Pains

I don't buy all your conspiracies. They are just your imagination. Wall Street uses the Tea Party? For what? To destroy their businesses? Yeah, that makes sense.

If the Tea Party eventually controls Congress, we'll have low taxes, yes, but also a huge contraction in spending on all the business favorites. SBIR will no longer be funded, ending U.S. domination of new technology. There will be a worldwide contraction and governments will no longer do big things.

Homelessness will rise, as unemployment benefits are eliminated, and so on.

We'll be the Amish. But, it'll all be constitutional.

Quercus Florida said...

Hi Rock. I've been (in addition from disappearing from the writing scene), working 18-hour days trying to save myself from the current insane debacle as it relates to the stock market, where I was a happy-enough swing trader in precious metals primarily and some tech stocks.. Yes I did get out the day before Armageddon, but got (addiction) sucked back in and now been involuntarily turned into a full-time day trader just to keep my head above water and try to escape my foolish decision not to stay in "cash" for at least a while. Maybe if I escape with my life I WILL find an article coming on. I've been feeling like writing again...

Rock said...

Hey, Quercus, been there, done that. I'm a frequent day-trader myself (former stockbroker). I've won and lost. I kick myself this time, though, in that I should have made a fortune, with such wild swings. Maybe now?

We'll see. Keep up your spirit, friend, and good trading!

Rock said...

Quercus, you got a Twitter username?

Quercus Florida said...

That was part of what I didn't post. I thought I said on FB. This "person" had all my twitter accounts suspended, including I ones I was doing gratis for a lot of other people, but the ones for blogs I was actually writing, really personally hurt. Actually it all personally hurt. Altogether a HUGE amount of work down the drain. Right now I have just started a new one that's mainly for my Airbnb thing. I'll message it to you. I dearly wish I could have put poor Quercus on here, but for now it's just hanging in space. The viciousness depressed me so much I quit writing. But I'll have get old Quercus a new, if less slightly perfect, twitter account name and start (sigh) the process again.

Heather Cashman said...

I always love an opinion. Thanks for standing up for what you believe is right. There are not enough people in this country who do that anymore.

Quercus Florida said...

Got to disagree, again, in some ways..(although not with Heather, bless you) spending money is the whole POINT in a Corpocracy. But not on things that are not profitable. Just imagine how costly a Cure for Cancer would be to Big Pharma and the AMA, a cure for War (as warned about by General/President Eisenhauer) to the Military-Industrial Complex... I could go on, of course. With countless examples, but, always, always, always follow the money.

Every war in history has been about money, even the Crusades. They're FAR more profitable than anything so paltry so a Space Program, or an actual cure for cancer...which one researcher went so far as to say "that even a high school kid could figure out", but big Pharma hounded her as a kook all her, life. I have friends that can do it (cure cancer). It's not all that tough. For that matter for another method entirely, not used by anyone I personally know, see:

It's not that these things are too costly, just the reverse. They're relatively cheap, which is the problem. They would lead to enormous losses in revenue to the Corporations and Industries involved.

As Corporations have no souls, ethics, or morals, they couldn't give a hairy rat's ass about the actual WELFARE of the American people. (The inherent danger in the fact that they have the "rights" of people without actually BEING people.) No, scratch that, they're global. Take out the "American." They care only about the bottom line. Screw ALL people. They couldn't care less about people, since they aren't: Screw the atmosphere, global warming, population explosion, famine, rape, torture, illiteracy. They literally will let us succumb to the "Petrie dish" theory, rather than cut a single penny of short-term profit.

Oh and to go back to another earlier point, all my experience leads me to believe that, if anything, it is Wall Street that is being manipulated, not the other way around. And there are many signs apparent, to me, anyway that the Central Banks are doing just that. Conspiracy? Nah, Just the way business has been done...for centuries.

And I am, once again, as you have already sleuthed me out dear Rock, on twitter as QuercusFlorida.

Rock said...

Quercus, you're right. I'd forgotten that it was you that got suspended, although I don't remember the reason why. Anyway, I wish you well.

Rock said...

Thanks, Heather, for your support. I get attacked by the right and left because I don't repeat the mantras. I too love people who can think for themselves!

Rock said...

This time, Quercus, we disagree on everything you said. The only thing I can concede is that companies do spend more time on solutions that yield profits, instead of things like prevention. But curing cancer is easy. You're delusional.

Even if companies wouldn't want it, many researchers would. They are funded by research grants, and they constantly try their hardest, and continue to make remarkable advancements every year.

Rock said...

Quercus, yes, follow the money. Like the millions spent by green organizations to propagate their bogus global warming myth, giving grants to those who agree with their theories.

Also, if someone knew the "cure" for cancer, which you delusionally say is child's play, they would set up a clinic, charge a reasonable amount, and become billionaires. Yes, follow the money. Nobody has done this, and nobody will. Because the possibility doesn't exist.

Every study on cancer is reported in peer-reviewed journals, and any that are not are bogus. There is no "cure" for cancer anywhere. But, legitimate scientists are making progress. Drug companies will find another darling should a cure be found.

Capitalism works, and there's no Wizard of Oz controlling everything.

Yes, follow the money. That's how capitalism works.

Rock said...

Quercus, I disagree with everything you said. I'm a big Ayn Rand guy. Intelligent self-interest is a far better distributor of goods and services than some egghead telling us what we ought to be doing. Companies that do good will eventually rise, and vice versa. All centrally planned do-gooders wind up as tyrants, insisting on their utopia, which brings misery to everyone.

Rock said...

Quercus, in fact, the most evil done in the world has always been done by the utopians. Marxists, dictators, and countries that have no capitalism. Pure evil.

Rock said...

Quercus, in fact, the most evil done in the world has always been done by the utopians. Marxists, dictators, and countries that have no capitalism. Pure evil.

izzyjsmom said...

Obama and the Democrats are responsible for the first downgrade in U.S. history, not the Tea Party. Republicans had a plan to cut spending, Reid tabled it. Why did Obama threaten to cut Social Security checks for seniors and military pay for our troops and NOT THREATEN welfare & foodstamp programs, his government buddies pay checks, etc...

IF the government would stop letting illegals collect welfare, food stamps, free housing, free health care, free eudcation, this country would be better off.
FYI, I'm a registered Democrat and I'm ashamed to admit it.

Rock said...

izzyjsmom, I disagree on the downgrade. I also disagree that anyone threatened to cut SSC checks. Military pay is another issue.

I agree with you on the illegals collecting goodies.

Nice to meet a sensible Democrat!

izzyjsmom said...

Obama did threaten seniors with their social security checks. He did say the government wouldn't have the money to send their SS checks out. He also threatened not to pay the military during the so-called debt crisis. Yet, in 2008, he was calling Bush irresponsible & unpatriotic for wanting to spending 4 trillion in 8 years,when he has spent that much & more in less than 3 years. I guess that makes Obama irresponsible & unpatriotic, not the Tea Party.

KenFromBerkeley said...

If McCain hadn't legitimized SPalin, we wouldn't see Bachmann winning straw polls (or Perry running so soon after the Bush disaster).
I always liked the Tea Party we learned about in the history books; you know, the guys that threw the brew overboard to gain the right ourselves.

Rock said...

izzyjsmom, thanks for your comment.

People always assume that if you criticize the Tea Party, or anyone conservative, that you are praising Obama. I'm not. Obama has been very irresponsible with his spending, I agree.

That still doesn't excuse the ignorance of the Tea Party in battling not to raise the debt ceiling. This is one major reason why Tea Party popularity in the country, and in the Republican Party, is at an all-time low.

Economics is not simple. It's not like a family budget. Both conservative and liberal economists agree the Tea Party was a negative factor in our first national downgrade in history.

Rock said...

KenFromBerkeley, you may be right. I'm fascinated by the facts that the Founders, yes, did tax the colonists, used deficit spending, had a big deficit, and accepted foreign aid. Hardly the fiscal conservatives the Tea Party imagines them to have been. I'd call them realists.

They did what they had to do to survive.

Rock said...

KenFromBerkeley, got a Twitter name?

izzyjsmom said...

The Tea Party is getting blamed for lots of things they didn't do. Lamestream media demolished Sarah Palin while kissing obama's butt. Obama blames Bush for everything, then he starts blaming the tea party, now it's everything else, but his fault with his out of control spending.
Obama called Bush "irresponsible" and "unpatriotic" in his campaign in 2008 when he wanted to raise the debt ceiling for spending 4 trillion in 8 years. According to Obama's own words, HE is irresponsible & unpatriotic for spending 4 trillion in 2 1/2 years.
The Republican party doesn't like the tea party any more than democrats, obama or lamestream media. Americans are sick and tired of the same ole same ole in DC. The tea party wants to CUT spending, while Republicans & Democrats want to keep spending for their backers.

Ken from Berlekly, it's easy to see you agree with the obama policy of destroying our country by tax and spend.

Rock, if you don't agree with Obama or democrats, you're racist. If you agree with the tea party, you're racist.
Now according to Al Gore, if you don't believe his global warming hype, you're racist.

Rock said...

izzyjsmom, again, thanks for your comments.

I agree with about half of what you say, but I'm not going to pick your stuff apart point by point. It's good to know how you feel.

I like the basic goals of the Tea Party, but I think they go too far, and did so in the debt ceiling debate.

Again, though, I am no fan of Obama. And I agree that the left labels us racists when we disagree with the man. It's disgraceful race-baiting.

Dennis B said...

The reality of our electoral system and the polarizing of the electorate is that no one will get elected without support from the center and independent voters. If a party puts up a candidate from teh extreme right or left they will be unelectable.

Joshua Miller said...

I think consideration of a 3rd party is certainly valid. But that is not going to happen until both parties are infilitrated and busted up from within.

The more pragmatic and reasonable approach, albiet still challenging, is for Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Small Business Owners, Tea Party types, Disenfranchised Democrats and Everyday American's to take over the Republican party and use it as a vessel for change.

And all of these people need to be involved on the local and state level as well. Perhaps at the local level is the best place to start getting 3rd party candidates elected.

I would seriously encourage everyone to listen to and consider what Ron Paul brings to the table, perhaps you might never vote for Ron Paul (although I certainly will).

If we can have a constitutional revival of sorts and bring a kind of reform that returns us to something much closer to what the Founding Father's envisioned then it won't be a step backwards but a leap forward for liberty, freedom, and the longevity and stability of our society as we know it.

Rock said...

Dennis, in theory I agree with you. But I think we're in a special time now. I think Obama is at least influenced, if not a part of, the far left. So, he is extreme.

Then, we've got Perry, Bachmann, and Paul. They are far right, and so extreme.

Only Romney is the true guy of the independents. Unfortunately, he is going to have a hard time winning the Republican primary, which wants a Tea Party guy.

So, we're probably going to have two extremists running for the presidency.

Therefore, an extremist will likely be elected this time.

Rock said...

Joshua, I believe you are getting your wish anyway. The Tea Party has essentially taken over the Republican Party. Good for you, seriously.

But, that is why I think we need a Third Party, because the Tea Party, and Ron Paul, to me, are not mainstream, and also are not wise with regard to economics. Battling to not raise the debt ceiling was harmful to the country, and showed an ignorance of economics.

As far as worshipping the Founding Fathers, I am with you. On the other hand, I don't think the Founding Fathers would support Tea Party economics.

The Founding Fathers used deficit spending, had a huge deficit, accepted foreign aid, and printed money much more than our Fed, leading to high inflation and devaluing of the currency.

They did what they had to do to win the Rev War. I respect them for that, and do not respect the Tea Party's rigidity with regard to economics.

Thanks for the comment!

Politics and Prada said...

Michelle Bauchman or Sarah Palin.....I care for neither. I think Michelle who thinks that she can convert her lesbian friend and be a foster parent of approximately 26 children is far less truthful than Sarah. When Sarah says something stupid, she admits to it and laughs. Michelle scowls, as though the expression will be her gibberish seem to have come from a credible and knowledgeable source. The ignorant comments that flow from her mouth are innumerable. Acting ditzy like Sarah does is no help to the feminist movement. Making comments about minorities when she herself - as a woman - is a minority is also a disservice to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. Just because you scowl when you say something dumb; it does not make the comment any less dumb. This country needs a true woman leader , if the voters are going that route. Considering Hilary Clinton and Condeleeza Rice as possible candidates on either ticket would be the smart move. Otherwise, you are merely splitting the vote.

Rock said...

Politics and Prada, I agree with most of your comments. I also like your choices of women with gravitas, although I'd go for Condi myself.

Thanks for your intelligent comment!

ePrinted Books said...

Hi Rock! Have you ever noticed that every war in all history no mater in the USA or any other country in this world; the war was started by religion. Some years back the President of the United Nations made the statement that the world’s problems are do to religion! What does your research show?

Unknown said...

Do any of the politicians actually understand economics? Further, do any of them care enough? Defaulting on debt sends a big message to the rest of the world, just as it did in 1998 when Russia partially defaulted, bringing the Asian markets to their knees (again). If there is no honour, there can be no respect.

Noah said...

I agree, it used to be there were some things to like about republicans, I consider myself somewhat fiscal conservative. Now... they make the worst of the democrats look same and rational by comparison.

Anonymous said...

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John said...

I have not visited for awhile, but I am so pleased to see that the unique perspectives offered by Rock are still being presented. I love this blog because it is so fair and causes a person to really think about issues. It is more of an intellectual work of art than anything and I am so glad it is there when I need the lift it provides. Rock's blog is truly life enhancing on many levels. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I do agree that we need a third party that is strong enough to be a check and balance for the traditional parties.
I believe in small government, entreprenuor, free market, strong military, innovation, radication of urban areas by providing power to business people to create jobs for those areas, business should invest in those communities to make them more liveable; revamp the public school education system by making 6 days a week school days, radicate any form of indoctrination, removal of unsatifactory teachers, limit power to the unions, better competitive education with introduction to technologies.

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